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Merger Q & A

  1. Will my account change?

    Your account numbers stay the same; however, the bank's routing number will change to 065205264 on June 21, 2013.
    See how your checking and savings accounts will be converted
    See how commercial accounts will be converted

  2. Will I receive a new CheckCard?

    Yes, during the first week of July 2013 you will receive a new CheckCard in the mail that will replace your current CheckCard or ATM card. Please continue to use your current bank card until new Red River Bank cards are mailed to you.

    Your PIN will NOT change.
    The PIN for the new CheckCard will be the same as your existing CheckCard or ATM card.

    The new CheckCard must be activated.
    Activate your new card by using it with a PIN at an ATM or by making a purchase using your PIN. Your existing CheckCard will work until you activate the replacement CheckCard or until July 31, 2013, whichever comes first. After July 31, 2013, former Fidelity Bank CheckCards and ATM cards will no longer be active for authorizations or transactions.

    This new CheckCard will have a different card number than your current card.
    If you have payments being direct debited to your existing card, you need to notify the merchant who is processing the debit to change the direct debit to your new CheckCard number.

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  3. Are there any changes in ordering checks?

    You may continue to use your same checks and deposit slips. However, if you order checks from an outside vendor instead of through the bank vendor, Harland Clarke, on or after June 21, 2013 the checks should have Red River Bank's routing number (065205264) printed on them. Savings deposit and withdrawal slips are available in the banking center lobbies.

  4. Will my online banking change?

    There will be no interruption or change to your online banking account access. If you are an online banking user, your user ID, password, and account nicknames will remain the same. Your account transaction history will be retained, and your alerts will continue to be delivered. You will have a new online banking agreement to read and accept the first time you log in to online banking on or after June 21, 2013.

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  5. Will my bill pay change?

    If you are a bill pay user, you will continue to access bill pay through online banking. Your payees and payment history will be retained. Payments pending on or after June 21, 2013, will be made on the scheduled date.

  6. Will my recurring account transfers change?

    Recurring transfers between accounts will remain the same.

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  7. Will my online banking account access change?

    There will be no interruption or change to your online banking account access.

  8. Will I be able to access my statements online?

    Yes, eStatements will continue to be available via online banking. If you don't currently have eStatement delivery, speak with a personal banker at a banking center to enroll in this free service.

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  9. Does Red River Bank offer text/mobile banking?

    Yes, Red River Bank has text and mobile banking that will be available on June 21, 2013.

  10. Does Red River Bank offer telephone banking?

    Yes. To take advantage of our Personal Touch 24 service, dial the number you've been accustomed to dialing, 225-925-BANK (2265) and follow the prompt. You will need to set up a new PIN for access to each of your accounts. Your default PIN is the last four digits of your social security number.

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  11. Will my account fees or balance requirements change?

    There are some account changes effective June 21, 2013. Please speak with a personal banker by calling 225-923-0232.

  12. Where do I mail my loan payments and deposits?

    Mail consumer loan payments to:
    Red River Bank
    Attn: Loan Servicing
    P. O. Box 12550
    Alexandria, LA 71315-2550

    Continue to use the current post office box address to mail deposits and documents to the bank. P.O. Box 41046, Baton Rouge, LA 70835

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  13. Does Red River Bank offer investment services?

    Yes. Red River Investments Group, a division of Red River Bank, offers full service brokerage products and services. For more information, please call a personal banker at 225-923-0232.

  14. Does Red River Bank offer credit cards?

    Yes, Red River Bank offers consumer and business MasterCard credit cards to meet a variety of needs. For more information concerning Red River Bank credit cards, please call a personal banker at 225-923-0232.

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