RSS Feeds at the Red River Bank Website

Some Red River Bank news and information is available through RSS feeds, which use a technology called XML to deliver RRBU seminar availability and scheduling news, for example, to your desktop or Web browser.

What is RSS?

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS feeds are an easy and efficient way to receive notification when new information is available in a specific area of interest.

How might I use RSS feeds?

RSS feeds can save time, allowing you to receive notification only when new content is available. You can choose the information you wish to subscribe to and can unsubscribe from any feed at any time.

How do I subscribe to RSS feeds?

First, you will need an RSS feed reader or feed reader-enabled Web browser. RSS readers are programs that display the contents of an RSS feed in an easy to read format. Once you have an RSS reader you simply click the icon or a link to the RSS feed or paste the link into your RSS reader. Some readers will auto detect the presence of an RSS feed on a website and you can optionally choose to subscribe. For example, you have the ability to subscribe to a feed using Web browsers such as Firefox or IE7. Just click on the feed icon in IE7's toolbar or Firefox's address bar to subscribe. In Firefox, feeds will appear in your Bookmarks list. In IE7 they will appear in the Favorites Center.

Terms and Conditions

The RSS feeds on the Red River Bank website are available for syndication. Red River Bank's RSS feeds are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. All rights in and to Red River Bank's RSS feeds, including the content and technology included therein, are reserved to Red River Bank. Red River Bank's RSS feeds are available for personal, noncommercial use provided that the feeds and content contained in the RSS feeds on the Red River Bank website are not modified or redistributed. All links contained in the RSS feeds must be to the Red River Bank website and no intermediate page, splash page or other content may be inserted between the links and the applicable Red River Bank webpage. Use or display of Red River Bank RSS feeds does not suggest any endorsements. Red River Bank reserves the right to discontinue providing RSS feeds and to require that you cease accessing or using the Red River Bank RSS feeds, or RSS feed content, at any time for any reason.