Passcode & Touch ID Feature Announcing new quick access tools for mobile banking

A new option for quick and easy access on your mobile device is a condensed, 4 digit passcode instead of using your user ID and password to log in.* This quick access tool allows you to view account information and balances but, for security reasons, will not allow money transactions such as account transfers, mobile deposits, etc. These money movement functions will prompt you to log in using your user ID and password.

In addition to the new passcode option, mobile banking users can now access their information on their mobile device by using biometrics. Mobile banking customers will be able to scan their fingerprint instead of entering their user ID and password to access features such as viewing account balances and account activity. Touch ID is only supported on the iPhone app at this time.**

To take advantage of these new quick access options, simply follow the prompts within the mobile banking app. A "What’s New" page will automatically pop up once you are fully logged in to mobile banking. A description of the new quick access features will be provided along with steps to implement Touch ID or Passcode access. Set up pages can be accessed through the Settings option on the main mobile banking menu. Select Settings > Quick Access. If you choose not to use the new access tools, simply click Close and you will be returned to the main sign in page.

*The Passcode feature is not supported for iPads or tablets and doesn’t support guest users. Not available for business mobile banking or for activation code-based organizations.

**Customer’s device must support biometric authentication and their fingerprint must be registered on the supported device prior to implementing Touch ID for mobile banking. Touch ID is available on Apple Smartphones including iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone6+ using iOS8, however it’s not available for iPads or Android device apps at this time.

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