Other Services

Safe Deposit Boxes

Store your important documents and valuables safely in a Red River Bank Safe Deposit Box – NOT FDIC INSURED. Ask a personal banker or your account officer about the details.

Overdraft Services

Using one of our Overdraft Services can save you from the inconvenience and embarrassment when your account does not have sufficient funds to pay the items you have authorized to be paid on your account. We offer several overdraft options.

  • Overdraft Line of Credit
    The Personal Overdraft Line of Credit is a loan that requires an application to be completed and approved. If an overdraft situation occurs on a checking account and there are available funds on the Overdraft Line of Credit, funds will be transferred from the Overdraft Line of Credit to the checking account to cover the items being paid. Please see a Personal Banker or your Account Officer for more details.
  • Overdraft Privilege
    Overdraft Privilege is a courtesy overdraft limit extended to the bank’s consumer customers who meet the qualification guidelines. Ask a personal banker or your account officer for details.
  • Overdraft Transfer Service
    This new service lets customers choose additional deposit accounts at Red River Bank as an alternate funding source to fund an overdraft situation. Speak to a Personal Banker to learn details on how to take advantage of this service.

Automatic Transfers

Scheduled automatic transfer of funds between deposit accounts on a certain day of each month. For example, transfer a set amount from your checking account to your savings account every payday.

Imaged Checks

Red River Bank offers imaged copies of your canceled checks with your monthly statement. A check image is a digital reproduction of your check and is accepted as legal proof of payment. These images come on standard size sheets of paper that fit in a binder that the bank provides you.

Coin Counters

Let us make counting coins easy for you. Stop by our...

  • Pineville
  • North Boulevard (Alexandria)
  • Highway 28 West (Alexandria)
  • E. Kings & 70th (Shreveport)
  • Provenance (Shreveport)
  • Uptown (Shreveport)
  • Marksville
  • E. Texas Street (Bossier City)
  • Airline Drive (Bossier City)
  • Acadian & Perkins (Baton Rouge)
...Banking Centers and take advantage of our coin counting machine. Simply drop in all of your coins, take your receipt to one of our tellers and they'll give you the cash.

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