Treasury Management Services

Treasury Management services are products that can enhance our commercial customers' profitability. If you are interested in any of our Treasury Management services, please call Customer Service.

ACH Origination (Automated Clearing House)

ACH Origination allows you to initiate ACH credits for employee direct deposit for payments to vendors; or ACH debits for payment collection or cash concentration.

Electronic Tax Payment

The Internal Revenue Service has mandated that certain businesses pay taxes electronically. Whether or not you meet the IRS criteria, you can be set up to send an ACH credit to the IRS who will debit your account for the tax payment.

Sweep To Investment

Use this service to invest your daily excess cash in money market funds.

Zero Balance Account

Keep all your funds in one account. The Zero Balance Account service will automatically transfer funds from your designated funding account to cover each day's checks that are presented for payment on your other accounts.

Account Monitoring

Control the expense on your line of credit by letting us determine by 9:00 a.m. your interest expense by using your excess funds to pay down on your line of credit or borrow only what is needed for the day.

Internet Banking

See your account balance and activity; print an image of a paid check or previous account statement; export account history to facilitate account reconciliation; transfer funds between accounts.

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