Q: It's been said you became a homeowner the "Red River Bank way." How did you start working with Red River Bank Mortgage?
A: My mom is the head teller at the Forest Hill Branch. But even though she's an employee of Red River Bank, I was one of those people who never had conversations about debt or budgeting. I always had a great job, pay and benefits but never had anything to show for it.
Q: And it was the home-buying process that led you to make a change?
A: Yes. My husband and I found a house being sold for less than $50,000 and couldn't get approved. That really hit me hard.
Q: How did you go from not being approved for that loan to getting pre-approval for $150,000 less than a year later?
A: I had a conversation with Becky Daniels. She asked what my goals were. I said, "to be a homeowner." Becky said, "let's do it."
Q: What did that involve?
A: She told me everything I needed to do with my credit. I took Red River Bank University's classes and followed Becky's advice. And she didn't just give me the advice and walk away—she checked on me regularly. It really was like a mini-university.
Q: Did you take advantage of Red River Bank products like the Dreambuilder Account?
A: Yes, and I took out a $500 CD loan that helped build my credit.
Q: And then you saw "the house."
A. Location, location, location! It was right across from my children's school and not even five minutes from my job. I walked into that kitchen and it was immediately like being home. There were four bedrooms, my own personal office space, even a little outdoor kitchen.
Q: But one of your children had said the real deciding factor on your next home would be a tree house, right?
A: Yes—and when the Realtor asked us to step out and see the back yard, there it was. I said, "I have to have this house." Then I called Becky.
Q: So less than a year earlier you'd been turned down for less than $50,000. What happened when you told Becky about your dream house?
A: She got us approved for $150,000—and we ended up getting it for $135,000. Thanks to the Red River Bank way, it's really been a dream come true.