Q: Where do Veterans Administration loans fit into Red River Bank Mortgage's offerings?
AP: VA loans are a great product for eligible active and military veterans. We're proud to be a part of the process—it's an honor to serve people in our community who serve our country and protect our freedom.
JH: It's great to be able to offer this product with Barksdale Air Force Base just six miles down the road. Whenever the B-52s fly over, everybody here calls it the "sound of freedom".
Q: How does Red River Bank Mortgage's Louisiana community focus come through with a product like this?
AP: Faster closings are a really important advantage we can offer. We typically are able to close more quickly than other lenders.
Q: Is your ability to close VA loans more quickly a factor of local decision-making?
AP: That's part of it, yes. Because we have in-house processing and in-house underwriting, we get faster decisions. Our service plays a part in that, too. Streamlined service makes the process smoother and gets our customers to closing more quickly.
Q: What are the major advantages of a VA loan?
JH: It's 100% financing, so there's no down payment required.
AP: Another advantage is there's no mortgage insurance.
Q: Do you recommend VA loans to all veterans?
AP: We take a more consultative, big-picture approach. Whether a VA loan is the best route depends on a number of factors.
JH: In many cases the VA loan is the answer, but in other scenarios we might make another recommendation.
Q: You've mentioned that most VA customers are already somewhat familiar with the product. Are there any common misconceptions?
JH: A lot of people think you can only get a VA mortgage once. Actually, you can get a VA loan for houses after that, but the funding fee is a little bit higher—and it has to be your primary residence.
Q: What's necessary to qualify for a VA loan?footnote 1
AP: Active or military veterans qualify.
JH: You just need an honorable discharge form or to have been in the National Guard for seven years.
Q: Any advice for getting started?
JH: It's a great option for 100% financing on a primary residence—just come in and let us look at all your options and see what works best for you.


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