Red River Bank—educating the community one person at a time Educational outreach offers opportunities for financial empowerment

Alexandria, Louisiana (October 11, 2017)—If your credit is in need of repair, you’re trying to buy your first home, or just trying to bounce back from a natural disaster or other setback, Red River Bank offers educational opportunities to help get you on the right track, so you can feel empowered to tackle these challenges.

Through its Red River Bank "University", this Louisiana bank is making a commitment to those in the communities they serve by offering tools needed to become financially savvy, utilizing a variety of hands-on educational opportunities.

Over the past year, they have offered 89 Red River Bank University financial education workshops throughout the state, reaching over 1,800 people. In addition, their employees have volunteered over 9,230 hours to 144 different nonprofits that support financial education, sustainable housing, small businesses and other economic needs.

And, reaching out to adults in the community is just the start. They are also bringing financial education directly to the schools with programs such as the Teach Children to Save campaign in elementary schools, and in October, they will be working with high school students to help them Get Smart About Credit. To date, over 536 students in 10 schools have participated in this educational program

In addition to these educational efforts, Red River Bank "University" will offer in-person seminars on Building and Keeping a Good Credit Score throughout the state. Please visit for locations and more information.

"The key to financial success lies in educating our local communities. We will continue to provide educational opportunities, making them accessible to everyone in the community," says Blake Chatelain, Red River Bank President/CEO. "Our goal is to empower everyone with the knowledge of how to become better financially responsible."

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