CheckCard Travel Tips

For assistance with your cards or to notify the bank of travel plans, please call the following:
CheckCard: 866-561-2265   Credit card: 866-544-0953

With today’s conveniences and technology advances, we can go anywhere and pay for things without a second thought. The debit card is one of those things we always have and use for everyday purchases. It’s a convenient way to pay for things and is accepted worldwide……but when it doesn't work, it can bring your fast-moving life to a stand-still, especially if you happen to be traveling away from home or in another country.

Here’s a few travel tips to keep in mind when using your debit or credit card away from home…in another state…or in another country:

  • Travel Alerts—if you’ll be traveling to another state --even driving through other states--or will be visiting a foreign country, it’s always a good idea to let your card provider know of your travel plans. Their fraud monitoring systems look for transaction anomalies and changes in usage activity; travel alerts may be considered to prevent declines or block situations especially if traveling in a foreign country – some countries automatically block signature-based point-of-sale transactions in times of high fraud activity.
  • Know Your PIN—credit/signature point-of-sale transactions are heavily monitored for potential fraud activity and sometimes may be declined or even blocked. If this is the case, then use your CheckCard as debit/PIN. Should you have trouble using it as a credit, simply ask the merchant to process your point-of-sale transaction as a debit or PIN-based transaction and you’ll have better success.
  • Alternative Forms of Payment—always travel with a back-up payment option such as another credit card and/or cash. Be sure to get the appropriate foreign currency for the country you’re visiting before leaving the U.S.
  • Make Copies—of your passport, driver’s license and cards in case they’re being lost or stolen.