Financial Calculators

Home Mortgage Loan Calculator

Home Mortgage Loans: Use this calculator to determine your monthly payment and amortization schedule.

Loan Calculator

Amortizing Loans: Enter your desired payment - and let us calculate your loan amount. Or, enter in the loan amount and we will calculate your monthly payment!

Personal Finance Calculators

Home Budget: Analyze your budget, see where your money goes and find out where you can improve!

Lunch Saver: A simple change such as bringing a bagged lunch to work a few times a week can make a difference in savings as this calculator will show you.

Credit Cards and Debt Management Calculator

Personal Debt Consolidation: Should you consolidate your debt? This calculator is designed to help determine if debt consolidation is right for you.

Auto Calculator

Auto Loans: Find out how much automobile you can buy based on your monthly payment, or find out your loan payment based on your purchase price!

Investment Calculators

Asset Allocator: Your age, ability to tolerate risk and several other factors are used to calculate a desirable mix of stocks, bonds and cash.

Investment Returns: There is more to investing than knowing your annual rate of return. Use this calculator to help you see how inflation, taxes and your time horizon can impact your bottom line.

Retirement Savings and Planning Calculator

Retirement Planner: Quickly determine if your retirement plan is on track - and learn how to keep it there.

Required Minimum Distribution Calculator

Required Minimum Distribution: Determining how much you are required to withdraw is an important issue in retirement planning. Use this calculator to determine your Required Minimum Distributions.

Tax Calculator

1040 Tax: How much in income taxes will you pay? Use this 1040 tax calculator to help determine your tax bill for next April.

Savings Calculator

Savings Goals: What will it take to reach your savings goal? This financial calculator helps you find out.