Security starts with the card—treat yours like cash and always keep it in a safe place. To further protect your funds, keep your PIN a secret; never write it on your card or store it with/near your card. If you suspect someone knows your PIN, go to any Red River Bank ATM and change your PIN in just moments. Never disclose your card information to an unsolicited e-mail request and remember that Red River Bank will never ask for your PIN. When shopping online, look for secure transaction symbols and log off any site after you've completed your purchase. Finally, report lost or stolen cards immediately and review your account statements promptly.

Next, use the best safety practices at the ATM. Always observe ATM surroundings before conducting a transaction. If the ATM is poorly lit or obstructed from view, go to another ATM; if anything appears to be suspicious, leave the area at once. Minimize the time spent at the ATM by having your card out and ready to use and by counting your cash only once you are sitting in your locked vehicle. Shield the keypad as necessary when entering your PIN and amount so that the information can't be seen by anyone waiting to use the terminal. Be sure to finalize your transaction and remove your card before leaving the ATM. If using a drive-up ATM, keep doors locked, windows up and engine running while in line.

At point of sale, consider running your card as credit instead of debit; this allows you to use your signature rather than your PIN. Never allow the cashier or anyone else to enter your PIN for you. For large transactions, internet transactions and telephone transactions, consider using your credit card instead of your CheckCard. Finally, always review your receipt before leaving the retail location.

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