Q: What exactly are ePerks?
A: These are free tools, all within our mobile-banking app, that make life easier. It's not just about making banking easier—these are tools that help with day-to-day living. A great example is Digital Receipts, which solve the problem of keeping up with paper receipts. With this tool, I can digitally store a receipt on an important purchase and find it anywhere, any time. If I need to make a return, I don't have to physically find the receipt.
Q: Can Digital Receipts be used in more comprehensive ways, too?
A: Absolutely. Some people like to keep track of all their receipts, and this really simplifies things for them. Small businesses can also use this tool for expenses and tracking.
Q: What's another great simplifier?
A: Card Controls. There's a lot you can do with this tool, but the simplest thing is that you can turn your card on and off so simply. I turn my card on when I'm using it and off when I'm finished. It's a great protection against fraud. There are also several ways to receive purchase alerts, either through VISA (on a Red River Bank credit card) or through online banking for your debit card. With purchase alerts, you always know when and how your money is being spent.
Q: What's another life situation that ePerks can help with?
A: Savings. We all talk about saving money, but it's hard to actually do. That's why we decided to offer Penny RoundUP™ debit card service. Once you sign up, every time you use your debit card, we round the amount up to the nearest dollar and deposit the difference in your savings account. You'd be surprised at the end of the month how much has been added to your savings account.
Q: All right —you've simplified saving. What about paying?
A: Bill Pay is one of the simplest and most underutilized value-adds we offer our customers. Not only does it save time, it allows you to categorize your payments, so you can easily see how much you put each month toward medical, housing, etc.
Q: What about making a person-to-person payment?
A: Our person-to-person (P2P) payment feature is an easy tool that allows you to pay an individual without having to go to a separate app. Again, it's about solving a problem—getting cash to your child or a babysitter, for instance, and simplifying the process. Instead of having to add yet another app to your phone, you can make that kind of payment through your Red River Bank mobile banking app.
Q: What if a customer needs help using one of these ePerks, or runs into some issue with it?
A: That's where we add even more value. We don't ask our customers to choose between technology and people; we offer both. When you use a Red River Bank product, you not only have local support—that person you know, who you can call or drop by and see—but that person knows exactly who to go to inside the bank to take care of things for you. They're not going to have to "put in a ticket" or give you an 800 number to call. We're big enough to offer all the great technology you'd find at any other bank, but we still know each other.