Frequently asked questions

1. What is People Pay?
Red River Bank People Pay lets Mobile Banking users make personal payments anytime, anywhere via the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. All you need is the recipient's email address or cell phone number, no exchange of personal banking information is required. Once you send the payment, the recipient receives a text message and/or email confirming receipt of the funds.
2. Why use People Pay?
Paying via the mobile phone is instant and easy for anything "on the go" or "spur of the moment" — no need to find an ATM, no hassling with checks. So the possibilities are unlimited. Some common needs might be:
  • Split the tab at the restaurant
  • Pay the babysitter, lawn service, house cleaner, etc.
  • Collect funds for causes — charitable donations, going in together on baby shower gifts, etc.
  • Purchases at garage sales, craft shows, eBay, home parties (candles, kitchenware, jewelry, etc.)
  • Pay the kids (at college, allowances, at the mall, etc.)
3. How much does it cost?
People Pay is free for all Red River Bank Mobile Banking users. Normal data and text message rates may apply.
4. How do I enroll in People Pay?
All Red River Bank Mobile Banking users will automatically have access to People Pay. No PayPal account is required for users to send money. If you're already a Mobile Banking customer, look for People Pay in your quick links menu.
5. Do recipients need to be a customer of Red River Bank?
No. If the person you're sending money to is not registered with Red River Bank People Pay, they will receive an e-mail or text inviting them to use the service and to claim the money. The recipient will then use a secure web site to enter their information and claim their money. It's fast and easy, much faster than waiting for cash or waiting to receive and cash a check.
6. How does a recipient claim money when they get an email or text message payment?
After entering in their contact information and claim code, they can request money be sent to their bank account or via PayPal™. If a recipient selects to claim their money via PayPal™, a $2 fee will be incurred.
7. Are there transaction limits?
Yes, there are payment amount limits per transaction as well as daily transaction amount limits. Transactions are limited to funds available in your account at the time of collection. Daily and transaction limits are:
  • Deposit to Bank Account — $500 per transaction/$500 per day
  • Send to PayPal™ Account — $500 per transaction/$500 per day
  • Send an Email or Text — $500 per transaction/$500 per day
8. Can transaction limits be raised?
Yes. However one card is set as your default card to automatically use when making a People Pay payment.