Products & services

  • Red River Bank is in a unique position to offer new-car rates on used vehicles that are the current or past year’s model. We also are able to offer significantly better rates on cars up to four years old as compared to dealer rates. We’ll finance new cars for up to 72 months and can create unsecured loans in special situations for vehicles over six years in age.

  • Just like there’s a wide range out there on the water and the highways, we offer a great range of financing solutions. For more modest price ranges, we may finance your boat or RV much like a new vehicle; for higher-ticket purchases, our Private Banking creates custom financing options.

  • For customers with a Red River Bank deposit account, CashPlease® offers a convenient solution for small-dollar, short-term personal loans. CashPlease® is a fast, easy, and affordable alternative to payday loans, cash advances from credit cards, and finance companies offering quick access to cash. Loans subject to program restrictions. Improve your financial health with CashPlease® today.

  • In certain situations, debt consolidation can be beneficial, and we do everything possible to make this advantageous for our customers through home equity loans. Because these loans are secured, we’re able to provide the best rate with more generous repayment terms; consult your tax advisor about possible deductions. These factors work together to provide every advantage in the effort to pay off debts.

  • For smaller home-improvement needs, we are often able to create an unsecured loan—at a lower rate than other unsecured loans—in order to avoid closing costs. For larger home-improvement needs, second-mortgage installment loans are available at a great rate, payable over a term that meets your needs.

  • For home equity lines of credit (HELOC), we offer two different approaches to suit your situation. Opt for a traditional, 15-year rolling amortization or ask our Private Banking team about line that matures each year with interest-only payments—great for one-time expenses such as taxes. We also offer overdraft protection lines of credit and our Private Banking department can arrange preferred, unsecured lines of credit.

  • Customers with savings and/or CDs at Red River Bank have an advantage even when interest rates are low. Secure a loan against your savings or CD and pay only a small % above the interest rate that account is earning. It’s a great way to make your money work for you through any interest-rate scenario.

  • Red River Bank Mortgage offers expedited service and local loan decisions. We’re also able to create loans with longer terms for some larger land purchases.

  • When you carry a Red River Bank credit card, you have more than our logo on the front of the card—it’s having the people you know and trust standing behind your card.