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First-rate advice for first-time homebuyers

Published on 5/18/2017

Apply on-line or talk in person? Our Judy Madison and Andrew Pringle say you might want to try both.

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The grass is greener out there

Published on 5/2/2017

Learn more about 100% financing options through Rural Development Loans.

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Serving those who serve our country

Published on 4/27/2017

Join Red River Bank's Andrew Pringle and Jason Holland in a discussion about VA loans.

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Giving kids a lifelong financial skill

Published on 4/13/2017

Our Ben St. Romain shares lessons from Red River Bank University that can be as helpful for parents as they are for kids.

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EMV chip CheckCard

Published on 3/31/2017

A more secure Red River Bank CheckCard is coming soon via U.S. Mail!

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Start small. Save big.

Published on 3/28/2017

When it comes to finances, expect the unexpected. Red River Bank's Bradley Perkins shares tips on building an emergency fund.

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Red River Bank Positive Pay

Published on 3/7/2017

For businesses, introducing our Positive Pay system as a proactive, cost-effective protection against check fraud.

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Putting the “U” in RRBU

Published on 2/15/2017

Learn how Red River Bank “U” can help improve your financial know-how, credit score and more.

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