Banking made simple.

  • With a Red River Bank ATM card, 24 hour banking is at your fingertips. Withdraw cash, check your balance, transfer funds between your accounts, and make a deposit at your convenience.

    Red River Bank has over 37 conveniently located ATMs throughout Central, Northwest and Southeast Louisiana.

    Surcharge-free ATMs

    • Red River Bank customers have access to over 200 ATMs in our surcharge-free network. The network now includes all Hancock Whitney ATMs.
    • In addition, Red River Bank customers can take advantage of thesum logo network which has ATMs located all across the U.S. including over 200 surcharge-free ATMs in Louisiana.

    Protect Yourself

    To protect yourself when using your Red River Bank ATM card, please observe the following guidelines:

    • Always remove your card from the ATM
    • Memorize your PIN (Personal Identification Number)
    • Keep your ATM receipts for reconciling your statement
    • Be aware of your surroundings
    • More ATM safety basics (ATM Safety Currents Article)
    • Call Red River Bank Customer Care immediately if there are any unauthorized activities or discrepancies on your account.
  • Scheduled automatic transfer of funds between deposit accounts on a certain day of each month. For example, transfer a set amount from your checking account to your savings account every payday.

  • Personal Touch 24 is Red River Bank's 24-hour telephone banking service. At any hour of the day, from the comfort of your home or touch-tone telephone, you can access your specific account information.

    When you access the new menu for the first time, you will be required to re-enroll & establish your PIN using your full social security/tax ID & account number.

    Here are some noticeable differences in PT24:

    • Enrollment—current users must re-enroll through the system to use PT24. Please have your social security number and account number available and follow the prompts to enroll.
    • Pin/Access Code—users will be prompted to create a new PIN to use the service; feel free to use your current pin, but you must re-enroll first in order to use the new PT24. The PIN will be a profile level PIN and gives you access to accounts in your profile.
    • Profile—users will now have a profile based on their social security number/tax ID.

    The new system will customize menu options based on the accounts associated with your social security number. For example, if you only have a checking relationship, you will only be presented the checking account menu. In addition, if you have more than one of the same account type, (i.e. checking), the system will prompt you to select the appropriate account without you having to enter the account number.

    Shortcuts of the updated system are:

    • *   Report lost or stolen card
    • 1   Account Menu/Transfer Funds
    • 2   Merchant Verification
    • 9   Repeat Menu
    • 0   Customer Service

    The following highlights all menu options for checking, money market accounts, savings, loans, credit cards and CDs/IRAs:

    Checking / Money Market Account Information

    • Balance
    • Withdrawals
    • Deposits
    • Transfer funds to this account
    • Lost or stolen card
    • Transfer funds from this account
    • More options:
      • Check search
      • Interest

    Savings Account Information

    • Balance
    • Withdrawals
    • Deposits
    • Transfer funds to this account
    • Transfer funds from this account
    • Interest

    Loans or Credit Cards Account Information

    • Balance
    • Payment amount
    • Payment due date
    • Current year interest
    • Prior year interest

    Certificates of Deposit or IRA Account Information

    • Balance
    • Interest information
    • Maturity date

    More Options under Account Information

    • Lost or stolen card
    • Transfer funds
    • Return to account menu

    Merchant Verification

    • Enter routing number
    • Enter account number

    Red River Bank offers experienced people when you need us—and mobile technology when you want it. For on-the-go banking, the mobile banking app comes in very handy.

    Personal Touch 24 numbers:

  • The future's looking up—with our Penny RoundUP™ debit card service for your Red River Bank debit card. Build savings every time you use your debit card! First, stop by or sign up online. Then, every time you make a purchase with your card, the amount is rounded up to the next dollar. That round-up amount is deposited into your savings—so you can watch it add up with the Penny RoundUP™ debit card service.

    Stop by a banking center or sign up online today!

  • Check Card

    • Red River Bank's check card is actually two cards in ATM card and a debit card.
    • It may look like a charge card, but it works like a check. Customers can use the check card to "write" an electronic check for purchases worldwide at more that 14 million merchant locations accepting MasterCard. Just as with the paper check, the amount of the purchase is deducted from your checking account.
    • The Red River Bank check card is also your ATM card and is welcome at ATMs around the world. Red River Bank belongs to several networks that provide surcharge-free ATM withdrawals. Our customers may use any Hancock Whitney Bank ATM for surcharge-free withdrawals. Hancock Whitney has 200+ ATMs located in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Also, surcharge-free withdrawals may be made at any ATM bearing the SUM® logo.
    • Check cards are also available with your health savings account (HSA). A Red River Bankcustomer-service representative can answer your questions.
  • Let us make counting coins easy for you. Stop by our Banking Centers and take advantage of our coin counting machine. Simply drop in all of your coins, take your receipt to one of our tellers and they'll give you the cash.

    • Highway 28 West (Alexandria)
    • North Boulevard (Alexandria)
    • Acadian (Baton Rouge)
    • Airline Drive (Bossier City)
    • East Texas Street (Bossier City)
    • Tunica Drive (Marksville)
    • Highway 28 East (Pineville)
    • East Kings & 70th (Shreveport)
    • Provenance (Shreveport)
    • Uptown (Shreveport)
  • Red River Bank offers imaged copies of your canceled checks with your monthly statement. A check image is a digital reproduction of your check and is accepted as legal proof of payment.

  • Deposit checks with your smartphone. Handle transactions with Apple Pay. Bank by text. Red River Bank makes it all so convenient, we just need to remind you to not bank while you drive. Need help? Learn moreabout mobile banking.

  • Our online banking comes with all the extras: Transfer funds between accounts. Pay bills. Re-order checks. It's all secure from the convenience of your home or office—we're even compatible with your personal software like Quicken and MS Money. Stop by one of our banking centers to enroll in minutes.

  • Using one of our overdraft options may save you from the inconvenience and embarrassment when your account does not have sufficient funds to pay the items you have authorized to be paid on your account. These tools provide a cushion that may help you avoid the additional expense of an overdraft fee and avoid disrupting your spending needs.

    Our overdraft coverage options are:

    • Overdraft Privilege Plus—is a courtesy overdraft service extended to the bank's consumer customers who meet the qualification guidelines. This service includes one-time debit card transactions such as point-of-sale, telephone and online purchases as well as ATM transaction overdrafts, and other types of debits like a check or account draft. There are fees associated with this level of coveragefootnote 1. Ask a personal banker or your account officer for details. Speak with a personal banker or branch manager on how to get set up.
    • Overdraft Privilege—is a courtesy overdraft service extended to the bank's consumer customers who meet the qualification guidelines. This coverage applies to checks and other account drafts, but does not apply to one-time debit card transactions such as point-of-sale, telephone and online purchases or to your ATM transactions. There are fees associated with this level of coveragefootnote 2. Ask a personal banker or your account officer for details.
    • Overdraft Transfer Service—is another service that lets customers choose additional deposit accounts at Red River Bank as an alternate funding source to fund an overdraft situation. An alternate Red River Bank account is set up to transfer a specified amount to cover the shortfall. There are fees associated with this level of coveragefootnote 3. Speak with a personal banker to learn details on how to take advantage of this service.
    • Overdraft Line of Credit—is a loan with a pre-determined credit limit that transfers funds to your checking account to cover items to be paid. This line of credit requires a credit application to be completed and approved. Please see a personal banker or your account officer for more details.
  • Store your important documents and valuables in a Red River Bank Safe Deposit Box – NOT FDIC INSURED. Ask a personal banker or your account officer about the details.