Here's what's been improved

  • enhanced view to help avoid missing payments
  • multiple payment options, as well as the current one bill at a time payment
  • quick and easy addition of payees
  • view multiple payment accounts for selection for bill pay
  • touch screen access for use on tablets and phones

The bill pay upgrade takes place February 14th. Payments and eBills will not be impacted during the upgrade, and there's no need to re-establish automatic payments. However, customized payee groups will need to be re-established in the new interface.

TIP: to pay personal payees like the babysitter, yard guy, or friends & family, use quick and easy PeoplePay rather than using bill pay.

If you're not enjoying the time savings of paying your bills with bill pay, send us a secure email from within online banking and request access to our bill pay application. It's simple, it's free, and you'll have extra time on your hands.